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Let Halcyon Developments reveal beautiful Greece

Greece is one of the most ancient and respected cultures in the world. Home to famous Greek citizens from Plato to Aristotle and Homer, this is the country that gave birth to civilisation as we know it. With such a fascinating history and stunning places to visit there, it makes the perfect place for holiday home ownership. Rest assured, modern-day Greece is every bit as welcoming, lively and awesome. This makes it one of Halcyon Developments favourite spots to buy holiday homes in.

But what is it about contemporary Greece that makes it a great place to check out?

4 of the best experiences Limoges has to offer


Limoges Cathedral

Limoges is a truly stunning city located in South-Westerly France, but when you’re browsing the holiday homes available through Halcyon Developments you want to make sure the region you’re going to be settling in has plenty for you to do.

Here are just some of the many things the historic city of Limoges boasts.

Holiday homes and investment property in France with Halcyon Developments


Boussac Castle over the Petite Creuse Valley

Boussac Castle over the Petite Creuse Valley

Shh! Don’t tell! Limoges is one of France’s best-kept property secrets. Lying at the heart of the Limousin region, the town offers great value for money. Comparatively low prices mean that budgets stretch to better quality luxury homes. Limoges’ rapidly improving communications and access make it an ideal location for new property owners and investors.

Enjoy Even Better Holidays in France with Halcyon Developments


Holidays are great, aren’t they? Travelling to foreign places, hearing languages rendered dull and boring by rainy lessons in an overheated classroom come alive when used in real life situations. Soaking up historic sites and enjoying amazing views.

How to maximise the investment potential of your holiday home


One of the key aspects to enjoyable holiday home ownership is knowing that your money is as safe as possible, whether you purchase a holiday home with the deliberate intention of it being an investment or not, it always makes sense to consider how best to keep your money safe.

Investing in Florida villas doesn’t mean “taking the Mickey”


Florida theme park

Beyond the theme parks

The draw of Orlando’s theme parks remains huge, meaning that investment property in the region continues to bring steady rental income and great returns on sale prices.

About fractional holiday home ownership


Halcyon Developments Golf & Spa Resort

Halcyon Developments Golf & Spa Resort

There’s been a rise in fractional holiday home ownership over the past few years, and it’s not difficult to understand the reasons for this. Owning a holiday home is a dream for many people and fractional ownership from Halcyon Developments Group offers people the opportunity to purchase a portion of a luxury property for holiday use throughout the year.

Limoges to Paris in 25 minutes?


According to ex-pat French magazine The Bugle, the Limousin region of France would be in line to receive a new form of transportation technology that until recently has been purely in the realms of Science Fiction.

France keeps its crown

A few years ago France set itself a target of 100 million visitors each year by 2020. An ambitious target, but it looks like the country is on course to achieve it.

The festive favourites of France

Like most countries, France has its own unique take on Christmas. With that in mind, here are our top tips of how to get the most out of a festive trip to France.

France is known for its Christmas festivals and similar events to celebrate the winter season. Possibly the largest is in Lyon, where a huge festival of lights happens each year. There are countless events that happen across the country however, with most cities, towns and villages at least having a Christmas tree.

Like the festivals, French Christmas markets are important also. The country is well known for its plentiful, character-filled festive markets, particularly in the major cities and towns. Although more common in central and Eastern France, if you can get to one you’re in for a real treat – from hand-made toys to local artisan cuisine.

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