Month: January 2019

Three Bespoke Wines in Limousin

Nothing is more iconic of French culture than wine. Although the Limousin region is not currently famous for wine-making, like Bourdeaux or Rhône Valley, it is slowly regaining its lost reputation.

In the Middle Ages, Limousin was famous for its Renaissance art and lesser known for its wine. Historic periods of poor weather and disease ravaged the region’s wine growers, and only recently has there been a wine-making renaissance in Limousin.

So, whether you’re looking for holiday homes in France, or you already have an investment property in Limousin, here is Halycon’s take on the three best wines in the region for your holiday itinerary…

4 thrilling activities for the space enthusiast in Florida

When you think of Florida, you imagine the shrieks of thrilled holiday-goers on the rides at Universal Studios, or little children dressed in fancy dress eating Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes.

However, Florida is also renowned around the globe as one of the original homes of space exploration, which is another reason it makes a popular destination for holiday homes. Florida offers some truly hair-raising – literally! – and educational activities for its residents that are just out of this world.

Here are our top suggestions at Halcyon Developments:

Could Limoges become the high speed transport hub of France?

When you think of the Limousin, you think of chateaus and lakes, museums and gastronomy. After all, this is where the prized Limousin cattle were first bred and beautiful hand-painted porcelain is crafted. But the Limousin is fast developing a reputation for innovation of a different kind, with a number of startups making the relaxed and beautiful centre of France their home.

And no wonder. The Limousin has low unemployment, excellent transport links to Paris and a bustling airport. But it may soon be the world pioneer for subsonic transport.

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