Limoges to Paris in 25 minutes?


According to ex-pat French magazine The Bugle, the Limousin region of France would be in line to receive a new form of transportation technology that until recently has been purely in the realms of Science Fiction.

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France keeps its crown

A few years ago France set itself a target of 100 million visitors each year by 2020. An ambitious target, but it looks like the country is on course to achieve it.

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Post-Brexit rights in Europe and Halcyon Retreat

It’s well over a year since Britain voted to leave the EU and without doubt one of the biggest concerns was the rights of British citizens living in Europe, mainly in France and Spain. Indeed, we’ve had many questions relating to this and the Halcyon Retreat resort. 

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The festive favourites of France

Like most countries, France has its own unique take on Christmas. With that in mind, here are our top tips of how to get the most out of a festive trip to France.

France is known for its Christmas festivals and similar events to celebrate the winter season. Possibly the largest is in Lyon, where a huge festival of lights happens each year. There are countless events that happen across the country however, with most cities, towns and villages at least having a Christmas tree.

Like the festivals, French Christmas markets are important also. The country is well known for its plentiful, character-filled festive markets, particularly in the major cities and towns. Although more common in central and Eastern France, if you can get to one you’re in for a real treat – from hand-made toys to local artisan cuisine.

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The ultimate in a personal experience?

Hotel roomMany in the hospitality industry seem to be excited about the prospect of the ‘personalised hotel room’ – but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

The idea is quite simple – technology now allows hotels to develop a great understanding of its individual guests and, as a result, it’s possible for them to stock a room with a guests favourite coffee, deliver your favourite newspaper and even order you the same breakfast.

Practically though, is it realistic for most hotels to offer this? Many have set suppliers – what if they can’t get all the products that are required? Will it be prohibitive for budget hotels to offer this?

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In for the long-haul – our top 5 accessories

In-flight comfortOne of us in the office has been on their honeymoon recently and having experienced the highs and lows of long-haul flights, it gave us the idea of putting down in words some of the most useful, current accessories that you will benefit you on your next long haul journey.

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Our top visitor locations in the French lake district

With a developing resort in the region, we’ve spent quite a bit of time exploring the Limousin in the heart of France – so here are our top recommendations – and these are personal recommendations, not taken from a guidebook!

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Be hAPPy when travelling abroad…the best apps

Being prepared when you’re holidaying abroad is key…and it’s useful to fill your smartphone with some apps that could really come in useful. Here are a selection of our favourites, tried and tested!

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Business travel driven by technology?

The World Travel and Tourism Council and Travelport recently published a report in which they say that business travel equates to around $1.3 trillion of worldwide travel spending. The prediction is that this will rise at around 3.7% each year for the next decade.

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A simple way of getting the most from a French holiday home

French holiday homeA recent article on the A Place In The Sun website about Investment Options for Property in France got us thinking. We know from our own research that, as the article says, away from the idyllic lifestyle, running costs of a holiday home in France can be very challenging.

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