Sleep 'n fly pods

Sleeping pods in Dubai airport (copyright Sleep ‘n fly)

We came across an intriguing concept that has just been launched in Dubai airport’s terminal 3 – it’s a new ‘sleep lounge’ concept where you can chill out in your own, private pod…or igloo.

Essentially an airport lounge with 20 pods, ‘Sleep ‘n fly’ capsules contain a seat/bed, storage for luggage, international power/charging points, a desk and light. Designed primarily for those who have to wait for a few hours for a connecting flight or need a ‘quick’ private office, you can book if for an hour ($17) or up to a night ($77). There are even family/couple ‘cabins’ with different facilities. You don’t get a private toilet/wash area though as these are dotted around the airport.

If this ‘micro hotel’ concept ‘takes off’ (pardon the pun) it will no doubt be rolled out across the world’s leading ‘hub’ airports. Similar experiments have happened in airports such as Amsterdam and New Delhi but they have come under strong opposition from nearby hotels, so this latest idea may find itself struggling to ‘get off the ground’.

We love it…but will it be popular?