Month: October 2017

The ultimate in a personal experience?

Hotel roomMany in the hospitality industry seem to be excited about the prospect of the ‘personalised hotel room’ – but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

The idea is quite simple – technology now allows hotels to develop a great understanding of its individual guests and, as a result, it’s possible for them to stock a room with a guests favourite coffee, deliver your favourite newspaper and even order you the same breakfast.

Practically though, is it realistic for most hotels to offer this? Many have set suppliers – what if they can’t get all the products that are required? Will it be prohibitive for budget hotels to offer this?

In for the long-haul – our top 5 accessories

In-flight comfortOne of us in the office has been on their honeymoon recently and having experienced the highs and lows of long-haul flights, it gave us the idea of putting down in words some of the most useful, current accessories that you will benefit you on your next long haul journey.

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