5 reasons why you should be living in Limoges

In a recent survey by L’Express newspaper, Limoges was ranked the second best city in the entirety of France to live. That’s better than Nice (14), Lyon (27) and Bordeaux (20). So what makes this gem such a fantastic place to own holiday homes in France? At Halcyon Developments, we’ve pinpointed five reasons why Limoges should be top of your shopping list.

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Limoges’ culinary highlights

One of the most wonderful things about holiday home ownership in Limoges is being able to truly immerse yourself in local culture and custom. Without a doubt, one of the best (and most delicious) ways to do this is to understand local food. Limoges cuisine has a reputation for being rather austere, but a little investigation reveals a wealth of glorious produce that is just waiting to be part of your time away.

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Reasons to choose Samos for your Greek holiday home ownership

If you’re planning to buy a Greek holiday home or searching for luxurious fractional ownership homes, check out the exclusive Hera Bay development from Halcyon Developments to discover the reasons why Samos is such a perfect all-year vacation destination. This high-quality resort features its own spa and marina, for mooring boats up to super yacht class. The view from the resort’s infinity pool is absolutely breathtaking, while buyers will find a variety of different apartments on offer, all with beautiful sea views.

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Why Limoges is the perfect location for your family’s holiday home

Peace, beauty and history. What else do you want from the perfect family holiday? Beautiful weather, you say? With balmy temperatures in summer, your holiday home in Limoges will be the perfect place to spend luxurious days lying by the pool or exploring the city. While the picturesque, cold winters mean you can experience a rustic French Christmas by the fireplace and skiing in the local hillside.

Halcyon Developments specialise in holiday homes with returns in this region, so you’ll have the perfect investment property as well as a place to create treasured memories with your loved ones. So what can you expect from a trip to this quaint region of idyllic France?

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