Holidays are great, aren’t they? Travelling to foreign places, hearing languages rendered dull and boring by rainy lessons in an overheated classroom come alive when used in real life situations. Soaking up historic sites and enjoying amazing views.

Be part of the community

Hotel guests very seldom come into contact with residents living nearby. This is often because the hotels actively work to keep non-paying visitors out of their premises, but can also be because the locals feel mild resentment towards the often quite expensive hotels. Purchasing your own holiday home from Halcyon removes all those barriers, helping to make you a member of the community. As you will be feeding yourself, and arranging the connection of utilities and so on, you will necessarily be visible to your neighbours. People are often very welcoming to those who are receptive to their advances, and you might find your neighbours volunteering to help you with small tasks as you prepare your holiday home for its first visit.

Know what you’re getting

In a hotel, you can never be certain of the service you will be getting, or the price you will pay. That darling little pension that you stayed at last year might be under new management this time, who care more about money than the cleanliness or the comfort of their guest. When you own a Halcyon Developments holiday home, you can be sure of the standard and quality of the accommodation. And you can be sure that the food will be exactly as you like it, seeing as you will be cooking your own: a healthier and cheaper option for all!

There are many more reasons to invest in a holiday home – and why not? We all deserve some down time from our busy lives, and beautiful France is the best place to unwind.