One of the most wonderful things about holiday home ownership in Limoges is being able to truly immerse yourself in local culture and custom. Without a doubt, one of the best (and most delicious) ways to do this is to understand local food. Limoges cuisine has a reputation for being rather austere, but a little investigation reveals a wealth of glorious produce that is just waiting to be part of your time away.

Where to buy

French markets are legendary, and visiting one will give you the chance to absorb local colour and custom, as well as bringing home some delicious goodies for supper. It’s a great opportunity to practise your language skills too. We love Place Haute Viennes for its vibrant atmosphere. Limoges boasts specialist shops too, with a choice of fromageries, boulangeries and the famous Rue de la Boucherie providing a taste of authenticity.

What to buy

Limousin is synonymous with the russet Limousin cattle so it’s no surprise that a Limousin steak is something to be prized. Lean, tender and full of flavour, you can’t go wrong with a classic steak au vin rouge to showcase this special cut of beef.

Limousin Leaf

The Limousin region is renowned for its goat’s cheese, and the Limousin Leaf is one of the most famous. It’s entirely farm produced and boasts a salty, piquant flavour. The classic goat’s cheese flavour is present, but it’s not overwhelming. This carefully crafted cheese is easily identified by its shape, which echoes the leaf of the region’s ubiquitous sweet chestnut tree.

Curious condiments

Putting together a simple picnic or supper is a great way to enjoy holiday homes, and the right condiments elevate any meal to a veritable feast. A dot of vivid Moutarde Violette or a splash of vinaigre Delouis (crafted from local apples for over 25 years) will give your meals an extra frisson of local flavour.

These are just a few favourites from this special region of France. The hand-picked locations of our gorgeous France holiday homes mean you’ll be able to explore local towns and villages to find your unique taste of Limoges.