If you want to escape the daily grind of the commute and the underwhelming drizzly British weather, there are few places on Earth more exciting and energetic than the bustling hub of culture that is Miami. When you step off that plane into the Floridian heat, here’s an insight into what you can expect to experience in the ‘Magic City’.

Cuban culture

After a mass-migration in the late 1950s, many thousands of Cubans settled in Miami and this cultural influence is something you can taste, smell, and hear all around you in the city streets especially in the iconic neighbourhood of Little Havana. Vivacious, colourful festivals such as the Calle Ocho, the Three Kings Parade, and cultural events every Friday embrace the city’s mixing of Cuban and American culture – a perfect way to enjoy an authentic Miami experience.

Culture, of course, goes hand in hand with cuisine. With such a strong Hispanic influence, you can enjoy the tastes of Havana in the hundreds of restaurants and street food vendors dotted around the city.

Old meets new

The cultural and economic capital of Florida, Miami offers you the best of modern amenities with a rich history. You can visit one of the many art galleries, museums, or cultural centres that has been built in the last few decades, revel in the colonial Spanish architecture or take in the pastel Art Deco hotels of the South Beach strip.

The Sunshine State

The sub-tropical Miami weather is a world away from the climate of the UK and is hot, humid, and beautiful. Why not bask in the Floridian sunlight on the city’s famous South Beach, facing out on to the crystalline Atlantic. If sunbathing is too much, why not take a trip into the nearby Everglades swamps that stretch out over hundreds of square miles. You might even be lucky enough to see the most iconic of the Sunshine State’s wildlife – the alligator!

If you are someone who chases the sun, then Miami is most definitely the city for you. A rich and diverse cultural environment, a thriving modern city with a storied history and a gorgeous tropical climate like nowhere else in the United States. If you want to get away and embrace the pleasures of life under the sun, we at Halcyon Developments can help you find the holiday home (or partial ownership) to fulfil your Floridian dreams.