French holiday homeA recent article on the A Place In The Sun website about Investment Options for Property in France got us thinking. We know from our own research that, as the article says, away from the idyllic lifestyle, running costs of a holiday home in France can be very challenging.

One of the key desires that foreign buyers have when looking at property in France – wherever it is located – is the potential of income when they’re not using it.

Leading agent Leggett say that “With UK interest rates set to remain low, and real estate still one of the best performing types of asset, more people are looking to buy an investment property… that can earn them an income – both in capital appreciation but especially rental returns.”

In essence, this all comes together to justify why we started to offer our ‘different’ French holiday home solution.

With the properties for sale in Wyndham Halcyon Retreat, ownership is simple. There’s no need to worry about how to rent out your property, because it’s done for you, and it’s fully managed. At the time of writing, the returns are assured over 10 years including a lump sum of the first year’s returns once the sale goes through. You’ll get a 50% profit on your purchase price after 10 years if you sell your property back to us, which is an option available to you.

Whether you have a budget of £13,000 or £700,000, the ownership experience is same. You’ll still get to holiday in your property every year for at least a week (depending on what you buy of course) and not pay any ownership costs. Plus it’s rounded off with a lifetime of free champagne for every day you stay in your property.

So if you’re looking for a simple, hassle-free way to own a French holiday home, you really should check out the properties for sale at Wyndham Halcyon Retreat. Click here to see more.