In-flight comfortOne of us in the office has been on their honeymoon recently and having experienced the highs and lows of long-haul flights, it gave us the idea of putting down in words some of the most useful, current accessories that you will benefit you on your next long haul journey.

These products haven’t been chosen because they’ve been given to us… they are unbiased opinions for us here in the Halcyon Developments Group office!

1.    A good sleep mask

There are good and bad sleep masks – don’t go for a cheap one! A company called Bedtime Bliss make the best we’ve come across as it uses patented technology to give you a comfortable experience. It really does a good job of blocking out light – which a lot of masks don’t do very well.

2.    A good pillow

The best travel pillow is a bit of a harder one to call. Memory foam pillows seem to be the most talked about and available, but when you look at you find that soft, inflatable versions actually sell (slightly) better. Of course, this could be down to portability. If you can, test your comfort before buying a pillow – many can be more uncomfortable than you’re led to believe!

 3.    A decent set of headphones

 Whilst most long-haul carriers provide free headphones on their flights, the fit, quality and reliability can be very ‘hit and miss’. By purchasing a decent pair prior to your flight, it will make your experience with in-flight entertainment a lot more pleasurable.

4.    Comfortable shoes

This one may appear to be a bit peculiar considering that you’re not exactly on your feet on a plane, however having comfortable shoes are quite important. Wearing a pair that aren’t too tight or easy to take off have big advantages. In Economy certainly there isn’t great leg room, so making your legs and feet as comfortable as you can on a long flight has many benefits.

5.    Noise-blocking ear plugs

Particularly useful if you’re on a night flight or you need some sleep and someone nearby is talking (or snoring!), ear plugs can make your journey much more bearable. There are lots available and various prices, but tend to buy the best you can afford and stay clear of the foam versions if you can.