One of the key aspects to enjoyable holiday home ownership is knowing that your money is as safe as possible, whether you purchase a holiday home with the deliberate intention of it being an investment or not, it always makes sense to consider how best to keep your money safe.

Remember these three key considerations for your investment property.


Everyone knows that location matters, but it’s easy to forget just how big an impact it can have on your holiday home’s investment potential. Whether you intend to draw rental income from it, or you just want to feel comfortable it will generate interest from the market when you come to sell, location matters.

Do your homework, and learn as much about the local area as possible. For example, not all Florida villas are equally desirable, so spending time understanding the appeal of the local area and where the holiday home is situated pays dividends.

Property Type

Deciding what the right property type for you is going to be can help you make the most of your money. Have a good think about the reality of how you’re going to use the property, and plan your next course of action accordingly. It will help you make the most of your money.

If you’re a retired couple, for example, a six-bedroom villa may be considered overkill and will doubtless cost you a lot more than a two bedroom cottage. Spend some time thinking about what your needs really are, it will help you avoid excessive cost.

The Right Plan

Depending on your individual needs, outright purchase might not be the right way for you to get into the holiday property of your dreams. It may make more sense for you to take advantage of the fractional ownership model whereby you will own part of the property with other investors.

This makes sense if you only have a limited time in the year that you’re able to enjoy your holiday home, as the ownership experience is shared with others who are there to help shoulder the costs and maintenance of the property.