Hotel guest room technology

Hotel guests are becoming used to accessing technology in their rooms

One of our team at the Halcyon Developments Group recently came across an article on Hospitality Technology website that discussed the next ‘mega trends’ in hotel technology. We’ve been talking about the increase in streaming services and ‘experience’ devices in the office recently… we’re thinking along the lines of Netflix, Now TV, even Google’s ‘Home’ or Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ interactive devices.

According to Hospitality Technology, 56% of hotels last year felt guestroom technology was a priority in 2016… although it remains to be seen whether this actually materialised over the last 12 months. Upgraded internet was seen as crucial and guests continue to increase their use of streaming-focused devices from portable games consoles to smartphones… something our resort Wyndham Halcyon Retreat has recently implemented.

Even budget hotels are now adopting smart flat TVs and many ‘interactive’ home-based products could soon be adapted for the hospitality industry so guests can almost seamlessly move from their home to their hotel room in order to watch the next episode of ‘Game of Thrones’.

With in-room technology now a major focus across many leading hotel chains, expect things to change significantly in the next few years.