Keys to property

Before getting the keys, make sure you’ve done your research

When you begin that search for a holiday home, something will have tipped you off about where to buy – maybe you’ve got friends who have a property nearby, or you read a report in A Place In The Sun. These are great but it doesn’t mean that it will suit 100% you and your needs. So what do you need to think about? Here are our top tips when looking to buy a holiday home abroad:

‘Living’ costs (even if you’re not moving to an overseas home permanently) can differ wildly between countries, counties and even towns. Widely popular destinations cost a lot more than other areas (Paris vs. Le Mans for example). It’s important to do your research on how this will all impact you – healthcare, taxes etc. Our properties offer hassle-free ownership where you don’t have to think about a lot of these factors as they are already taken care of.

Language – it seems obvious, but it’s worth considering. Are you going to need to know the local language? Are there classes available whilst you’re there? One thing is certain – don’t rely on people speaking English everywhere!

Weather – the main driver for many people looking to buy overseas (especially from the UK) is to look for sunnier weather primarily. It’s worth really thinking about this in more depth however. For example, if you want to walk a lot near your holiday home, will the temperatures be too hot to do so in the summer? Weather all year round needs to be a consideration too – are flights seasonal from you nearest airport? Is there a well-known local ‘wet season’? It all needs careful research but remember – you can never predict the weather!!

Finally, security is something to really think about, especially if you’re not at your property for most of the year and it’s not fully managed (unlike our Halcyon Developments Group resorts!). Think about local security – does the nearby town have a high crime rate for example – but also wider issues such as political instability and currency.